Feeding Fish

Just one bite and you’re hooked

Feeding Fish is the lockdown baby of Josh and Fish. Josh is a trained baker with a passion for real bread and Fish assists with baking, orders and marketing. The pair use simple ingredients, the best quality flour and traditional processes to produce carbs are both yummy and good for the tummy.

Tell us the story behind the name.
As a chef, I’ve spent the last 3 years feeding FIsh in some way, whether we were going out or I was cooking. During lockdown, I started doing video tutorials for recipes on Instagram and Fish has always been my taste tester, so the name was basically smacking us in the face. She always jokes that she’s the real winner here.

What inspired you to start the bakery.
Josh has always been fascinated with the science behind sourdough culture. He started his own culture 3 years ago and made daily calls to his mom to make sure it stayed alive while he was working abroad. When we got “stuck” in SA it felt almost natural to spend more time on something he enjoys so much and it’s all kind of snowballed from there.

Favourite thing about being a baker?
Fish – the bread
Josh – the sunrises we get to see every morning

Bovril or Marmite?
Fish – Neither
Josh – Bovril

If you could deliver a loaf to one person, dead or alive, who would it be?
Josh – Stan Lee. I’d just like to cut him a slice of bread and then ask him how he came up with all those characters and stories and stuff.

Your favourite slice of toast will have what on it?
Fish – nothing beats well seasoned avo toast
Josh – strawberry jam
(we’re so exciting)

Favourite food destination in the world?
Fish – Love Asia
Josh – also Asia (he copied me)

Have you ever travelled somewhere just for the food?
We once went quite out of the way in Bali to eat a 9-course tasting menu of only desserts – it was unreal

Your best food memory from childhood?
Fish – Christmas lunch with my Lebanese family around Nana’s packed table. I’ve only just been allowed to move from the kiddies table to the adult table where all the food is and the wait was so worth it.
Josh – Lasagna Potjie with my family, it’s definitely a tradition

The cookbook you’ve cooked the most from.
Literally, anything that talks about bread at the moment, the one in the bakery right now is called Flour, Yeast, Water, Salt

How do you keep busy when you’re not working – even though that’s almost never.
Sho, we love a walk on and a swim at the beach (not that we can do that now anyway). I’ve recently discovered I’m pretty good at tennis and Josh loves running (?) but at the moment, you’ll find us braaiing or napping in our spare time