We stock a range of products from décor, accessories, jewelry, stationery, clothing and much more

Gemima started as a pop up gift shop in 2016 but has grown to become one of Plett’s go – to gift shops for both locals and visiting tourists. We are a contemporary shop that stocks a range of products from décor, accessories, jewelry, stationery, clothing and much more.

What inspired you to start your business and what excites you the most?

We have a combined passion for retail, travel and contemporary design by local artisans. Sourcing products from all over Africa and interacting with our customers is what excites us the most. Where did you get the name for your business? Penny Gum is one of the common names for Eucalyptus Cinera which is a plant that we both love! We thought that it would be a rather fitting name for our shop as we share the same love for all of our products.

What makes Penny Gum unique?

Our quirky collection of products are mostly locally designed with a pop of international brands to complement the look and feel. Our shop has an array of interesting, pretty and feel-good pieces that appeal to most tastes.

How does running Gemima fuel your creativity?

We are constantly keeping our creative juices flowing by staying up to date with current trends and thinking out of the box. Our shop inspires us to keep things fresh and current while still showcasing classic items. With our combined passion and eye for unique designs, we aim to deliver both affordable and quality products.

Where do you source your products from?

We source our products from both local and international designers however a strong emphasis is placed on local designers first! We only select products that we absolutely love for all age groups. Our shop comprises of jewellery, décor, clothing, stationery and gifting.