Current Job Opportunities at Old Nick Village

ONV Marketing and Operations Manager

To work within a creative and proactive yet organised role. To be able to work in a holistic environment, with the ONV | MUNGO | HFT entities as an entirety. ‘The Holding Group’.
To be guided by the founders ethos, legacy and future developments. One needs to embrace the vision of ONV and work within the creative parameters set out. Work well within a team environment. A proactive, self starter and people person.

Must visit centre on the Garden Route
Coordinate and implement ONV marketing strategy

  • Advertising. Liaise with advertising sales and bookings.
  • Social Media. Update & create content within the voice and aesthetics of ONV brand guidelines. (basic photography & copy, database capture and newsletters)
  • Website updating
  • Work along side our creative team and designer
  • Budgeting
  • Tenant participation, and promote service excellence
  • Bespoke tour groups and visitors liaison
  • Target self drive and bus tours
  • Brochure management and relations within the tourism sector
  • Bring new ideas to the table in order for us to stay ahead of the curve and grow our customer base and spend. Connect to bloggers, influencers, Adwords etc.
  • Report back to shareholders in an easy to understand weekly/monthly report.
  • Work with tourism and get involved with local events
  • PR duties

ONV visitor experience

  • Be responsible for the over all visitor experience at ONV. Friendly, outgoing personality, toward the public and overall community.
  • Includes the experience of, but not limited to the grounds, gardens, signage, building appearances, seek out opportunities for improvement and communicate with the maintenance team.

Communicate with tenants (ie: promotions, services and collaborations)

  • Facilitate on tenant mix, negotiations and opportunities
  • Build on existing infrastructure
  • Work along side admin and accounts team

Wednesday market facilitation

  • Ethos officer
  • Seeing and acting on opportunities for growth
  • Tenancy development

Propose, strategise and organise events on the grounds of ONV

  • +- x4 per annum
  • Within budget constraints
  • Understanding the demographics, while growing the target market
  • Clear parameters on increasing revenue and foot traffic to ONV

Community development initiatives

  • Staff upliftment and motivation
  • Veggie garden

Mungo Mill

  • Promote the Mill as a must see experience and activity in South Africa
  • Target international self drive tourists and tours
  • Educate the public and staff on the importance of the experience
  • Connect the experience with Mungo’s core values
  • Advertise the Mill as a destination to local businesses and tourism
  • Connect the Mill and retail store to see increased revenue growth
  • Mill tour opportunities
  • Educational opportunities to local and national schools.
  • Communicate with Mungo Marketing on current news

Please send CV and Cover Letter (NB) to