We are always rethinking our designs to keep them current and fresh

Porcupine creates a wide and varied range of ceramics of a distinct Afro / Euro character. The Raku firing method is used for a large selection of the items, giving the ceramics an increased African character and originality.
Each item created by fire is never identical to any other.

To what do you attribute your success?

We sought to create sculptural art pieces that would appeal to the traveller in South Africa looking for items that would remind them of Africa but still blend seamlessly with their home decor. Porcupine Ceramics has become recognized as a destination for tourists.

Tell us about your customers and how they influence your product choices?

Our customer base is mainly the tourists but collectability has developed in South Africa as well and our basins have become sought after as they are relatively unique in their boldness of colour and design.

Are you doing anything new?

We are always rethinking a design or making a new concept as some designs are dropped out of the range.