When someone holds an ancient stone, you can see in their eyes a sense of wonderment about the earth and nature and their place in relation to that world, they take that amazement with them even if they don’t take the stone.

Mariella Ross and her husband Christiaan Oosthuizen have a shop called Moonstone tucked away at the back of the Old Nick Village. They stock a wonderfully comprehensive selection of crystals, minerals, fossils and sterling silver gemstone jewellery.

What inspired you to start ‘Moonstone’?

We have been in the stone business for 15 years, travelling the world, from the beauty of the Namibian Desert to the trade shows in Europe, Japan and India. There are always requests for extraordinary stones and if we don’t have them we know where to get them. Our little shop is a perfect place to showcase them.

What aspect of your business excites you the most?

When someone truly looks at a stone and sees how it reflects the light, how the little crystals form out of the raw rock and you can see in their eyes a sense of wonderment about the earth and nature.

What makes you unique?

We use the word Me-ra-ki! It means the art of creating something with soul, with love, the art of putting something of yourself into what you do!Moonstone (9)

How does the shop feed your creativity?

We design our own sterling silver jewellery so as to bring out the beauty in each stone in an elegant and simple way. Our gemstone pendants, rings, earrings, necklaces and other pretty things are all one of a kind.

What makes your business relevant to those around you?

It is very humbling to hold a stone which could be millions of years of old. It subtly reminds us of our place in relation to that ancient world and inspires an amazement that stays with us.

Do you have a long term vision for your business?

Because Africa is so rich in crystals and minerals we want to create a more direct connection to that resource for our customers on a global level so we have just launched  our new website to achieve that end.

Children absolutely love your shop and your ‘scratch patch’, how do you account for that?

In a world of disposable stuff I think children relate on a very intuitive level. The minerals present and the elements involved in the ‘life’ of a stone are the same as those in our own bodies and I think children know that. They also love pretty and sparkling things!