Blu Betty

Call it an unconventional marriage between classic and contemporary!

Welcome to Blu Betty: The Authentic Leather Co.

Blu Betty is a proudly South African artisanal leather shoe and accessory company products that blends high-quality craftsmanship with a touch of nostalgia. Their commitment to authenticity is reflected in every hand-crafted pair produced.

Founded with a passion for self-expression, Blu Betty diversifies its collection with trendy new leathers and fashion-forward styling. This results in a unique blend of classic and contemporary, where each pair of Blu Betty shoes becomes a statement piece.

The artisans behind Blu Betty bring a collective experience of 70 years in the footwear industry, spanning design, marketing, and production. As South Africa-based manufacturers, we take pride in our roots and our dedication to producing exceptional leather products.

When you invest in a pair of Blu Betty shoes, you're not just acquiring footwear; you're embracing comfort, limited production exclusivity, and singular design.