The Wednesday Market at Old Nick

Support local and local supports you!

Discover a diverse selection of natural, sustainable, and artisanal goods at the Wednesday Market at Old Nick. Connect directly with farmers and producers for a unique shopping experience.

The Wednesday Market at Old Nick is the perfect destination to find all the freshest ingredients you need and to connect directly with farmers and producers. With it’s emphasis on locally produced, grown and made products it’s the perfect complement to the established Old Nick merchants.

The market runs from 9am until 2pm every Wednesday.

A fresh outdoor ‘supermarket’ filled with naturally grown fruit and vegetables, ethically farmed meat and dairy products and tasty homemade foods. You’ll also find all manner of handmade and environmentally friendly products. As long as it’s local, natural and made with love, you’ll find it at the market.

Support local and local supports you! Buy fresh produce. Don’t let your cleaning agents pollute your natural environment. Educate on recycling, healthy eating and community living.Why in the middle of the week? There are many weekend markets along the Garden Route, but the fridge runs out mid-week and we are forced to buy commercially grown supermarket produce. Now you can stock up on local ethical produce in the middle of the week.

There is ample parking and the market is easily accessible for wheelchairs and prams and we have helpful hands-on standby to help carry groceries to the car for you!

Old Nick Village is a dog-friendly destination, as long as they are on leashes.