Seasonal change drives us, ensuring that our regular customers are delighted each time they visit us.

At pret-a-pot we make ceramic plant pots, handmade serve-ware, ceramic containers and decorative vases. Our handmade pots are contemporary, and have a fresh aesthetic designed to accentuate living spaces.

What is the inspiration behind your business?
Our mission is to create beautiful everyday pieces.

What makes your store unique? 
All our product is handmade and we produce exclusive limited editions for our store

What is your principle product and /or your favourite product? 

How do you select product? 
Each product gets assessed for aesthetic appeal, durability and functionality.

What excites you about your shop?
The way it changes from season to season and the loyal customers who return year upon year

What do you make yourself?
We make all the ceramics – large and small

Does/or how does your shop relate to your community and or the needs of the community?
We create employment in our local community and have a continuous training program in place.

What makes  your shop relevant for Plettenberg Bay?
Our products are locally made which in itself makes the items relevant. They are high quality and we’re proud to be able to send them all over the world.

What sort of clientele do you attract?
Our loyal customers vary tremendously in demographic with many of our customers being both local and international tourists.

Are you doing anything new and where/how do you envisage the growth of your shop? 
We are always doing something new and at the moment we are doing a lot of hand printing. Seasonal change drive us ensuring that our regular customers are delighted each time they visit us.