Red Shed Nursery

A sea of purple lavender, iceberg roses & beautiful daisies.

The Red Shed Nursery at Old Nick Village. A top quality nursery in the heart of the Old Nick Village. Not only supplying outstanding plants but providing knowledgeable service coupled with competitive pricing.

The Red Shed Nursery allows the customer to browse and enjoy the array of colours, textures & scents. A sea of purple lavenders alongside striking white iceberg roses, swathes of grasses, beautiful daisies and an array of brightly coloured verbenas lead you up the pathway to the Red Shed, filled with lush green indoor plants and stunning gift ideas.

A garden centre that provides an experience that will inspire even the least keen gardener to take up a spade and start planting.

Tell us your story. What brought you to Plettenberg Bay?

The COVID pandemic changed our perspective on life and we decided to completely change our lifestyle by relocating to one of the most beautiful places this country has to offer.

What inspired you to own a nursery?

Sean has a fascination with anything that is ‘living’ and can grow. Kerry has an interior design background and a love of working with people. And, plants make everybody happy!

Which house plants would you recommend to someone who is trying to create an indoor oasis?

Kerry is a passionate house plant collector so this is a tough question to answer…but it would probably be the Monstera Deliciosa. It’s a dramatic and fun plant that makes a space look full of life.

Your ideal birthday bouquet of flowers?

A beautifully delicate posy of freshly picked Cosmos from our local cut flower supplier.

Tell us about the most memorable garden you’ve ever visited.

The garden of the family home we renovated in Johannesburg. The previous owner had a love for gardening and we enjoyed the fruits of her labour for the many years that we lived there. In fact, we would say it ignited our appreciation for a beautiful garden.

How would you describe your personal garden aesthetic?

Lush, indulgent and full of colour. Your garden should be an oasis from the world. A good quote to remember is that ‘children, marriages and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get.

How do you keep busy when you’re not working?

We are an active family with 2 young kids. We love to hike, surf ski, paddle and swim. When on the couch, Kerry spends far too much time shopping for rare indoor plants and Sean spends far too much time researching different pests and soil PH levels. J

Water gardens, vertical gardens, balcony gardens, indoor gardens, vegetable gardens, tropical gardens, indigenous gardens, succulent gardens, which makes your fingers the greenest?

We are currently learning a lot from our customers’ passions! We enjoy learning from them as much as they enjoy learning from us. That’s a joy of gardening….so many different facets to discover.